April 20, 2024

Jobs & Culture

Our Company Culture

March 25th, 2020.

UTS changed and grew dramatically through the “unprecedented times” of the past few years. We saw ourselves as “Essential Workers”, serving emergency and business operational needs of clients that span many critical sectors. As such, the staff that we retained and hired during this period have a strong work ethic and a sense of duty. We remained at our posts – picking up the phones, coming out to customer sites, fulfilling countless customer requests for VPNs and secure remote access, meanwhile maintaining our service level to customers.

“Snowpocalypse” 2022

Since 2008, when UTS outgrew our founder’s attic and got our first commercial office space, there has not been a single business day when our office was unstaffed and calls sent to voicemail. During the snow storm of 2019 when fallen trees and downed powerlines rendered our office useless, UTS enacted our pre-established emergency plan, and set up mobile operations from our server co-location facility at Digital Fortress in Tukwila, which has triple redundant internet connectivity, battery banks, and generators. (They also have triple redundant toilet paper rolls in their restrooms – seriously!) Owning a vehicle equipped to operate in Seattle snow, is a requirement at UTS and we maintain our service level agreements to customers without excuses. We cautiously bypassed rioters during the BLM protests to keep our appointments. In short, we take our jobs seriously and are allergic to anyone looking to earn the ‘not-my-job’ award.


We are always on a lookout for employees who have ‘the knack’, dedication and desire to be in this high-paced field. We post most of our positions on Indeed.com.

Historically, successful employees at UTS in almost all cases, start out at the bottom and work their way up. UTS fosters a culture of team-building, mentorship, and promotion from within. We offer a great deal of in-house training and learning opportunities. Silo-ing of knowledge is frowned upon and techs are not permitted to hoard pet projects or favorite customers. Once employees prove that they have a good working understanding over a particular branch of tech, they are permitted to work those tickets across the board, so our junior techs do not get stuck doing exclusively meaningless drone tasks, and are given many opportunities for exposure to a lot of ‘big-boy’ technologies. We’ve even tossed around the idea of forming an accredited certification process in-house due to the fact that none of the existing programs sufficiently prepare graduates for the real-world scenarios that we handle on a regular basis.

Working at a tech-focused MSP is a challenging job, but there is literally no better way to learn the life skills of networking, security, and systems administration.

If you are interested in applying, check indeed.com, or give us your best pitch via the contact form.