April 21, 2024

Who We Are

Commander Ben

Ben enlisted at UTS as an Intern and rose through the ranks to become a Desktop Deployment Tech, then a Lead, and finally a Partner and Shareholder. With his keen understanding of complex networking problems paired with his ability to write and diagnose code, he explores technical conundrums like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. But beyond his technical skills, Ben has stepped up to leadership by mentoring his co-workers, contributing to procedure design, taking on project management and business development. In his spare time Ben likes to work on cars, play video games, and solve ‘hack the box’ puzzles. He dreams of one day living deep in the forest, in a log cabin, heated by firewood, and connected to a fiberoptic internet backbone.

Lt. Commander Triston

Triston is our most formally learned member of the team and a graduate with Information Science and Cybersecurity honors. As a Lead Tech at UTS, Triston heavily contributes to mentorship of our team by developing training and certification materials shaped around the real-world problems we’d encountered. Triston leads and manages many of our projects and deployments with deft attention to detail. His dreams are to help grow UTS into a national conglomerate by dominating each territory in turn. Triston makes origami like no other and our office is adorned with hundreds of paper cranes of his making. In his spare time, Triston enjoys restoring his classic Volvo and exploring the neighborhoods with Andreas.

First Lieutenant Marky-Marc

Like his mentor, Marc joined the UTS as a savvy intern with “the knack”. He quickly blossomed into an energetic boy-genius who can configure IPSecs in his sleep. He’s sometimes so excited that he cannot communicate in coherent sentences, but his underlaying genius and attention to detail make him an invaluable member of our team. Marc has been a near-victim of two separate muggings when in the line of duty, while also holding the singular distinction of being the only UTS employee ever to be formally asked for his ID by a customer. In his free time Marc … stays at the office late where he works on various pet projects, researches new tech, reads articles about BGP, and plays with scripts. He keeps a cot and a sleeping bag in our conference room. Really. He also enjoys road trips, sports bikes, and the ocean.

Lieutenant Garrett

Garrett is our powerhouse that chews through projects and deployments one after another like a machine. His quiet demeanor sometimes conceals a diligent and intelligent technician with the tenacity to bulldoze through complex problems. Customers parse him for his attention to detail, clear communication, and excellent follow-through. On his free time Garrett plays a lot of video games. And at a recent company party he schooled everyone at Halo, winning the coveted bragging rights of being the top gamer among gamers.

Lieutenant Hamda

Hamda exemplifies professional demeanor, coolness under fire, and determination while being probably the most organized member of our team. His positive can-do attitude and detail-oriented exuberance is contagious. In his free time Hamda pumps a lot of iron to remain solidly in the lead as the most physically fit among us.

Ensign Isa

Isa sounds excited about even the most common of technical queries. His eagerness to take on new projects and learn new skills seems boundless. When he is excited, he often talks with his index finger pointing up in the air. He is the only one at UTS who can challenge the captain at AOE2.


Captain Tyson

Our fearless leader has been at the helm of this ship of his own making for 21 years. This old war horse hides many battle scars of wars long forgotten. But despite his age, his keen spider senses sometimes have him rushing on deck to steer the ship clear of submerged reefs and put them safely astern. In his free time Tyson enjoys alpine skiing, remodeling his house, woodworking, sailing, motorcycling, metalwork, and blacksmiting.

Morale Officer Andreas

Andreas is a regular fixture at our office. He is a self-starter and determined his duty to be the re-education of delivery drivers, who despite our best efforts, enter our office via the wrong door. He’s also our official L&I compliance officer and rest period reminder.


Hunter is our part-time pest control and fumigation assistant. When not eating, begging for treats, or sniffing around, he can be found sleeping, usually in a hall or doorway.

Our customers should note the utter absence of salespeople and tiers of non-technical managers, who are so prevalent at virtually every other MSP. We pride ourselves on being a technical support firm that is ran by technicians and feel that this lack of baggage makes a colossal positive difference in the way that we do things and the level of expertise that we can provide to our customers.

Due to a lack of a sales department, our annual Promotion & Advertisement budget averages at less than half of our beer budget and we’ve grown from a one-man show running from an attic, to supporting thousands of users and over 100 clients, mostly on referrals and word-of-mouth.