April 20, 2024

What We Do

Established in 2001, our team provides a one-stop solution to your computer technical support needs. We design and install business servers, firewalls, computers, and related equipment to fit our customer needs. We make their in-office, work-from-home and cloud systems work seamlessly and securely. We then provide day-to-day technical support for your staff, while actively monitoring, updating, and maintaining your network equipment.

Our focus is not be thought of as ‘contractors’ by our clients, but instead to establish a relationship closer to that of an in-house IT department. Our monthly flat-rate service plans are designed to be more like a salary which allows us to interact with customers without feeling like we’re running a stopwatch.

Our team will take charge of and accept a great degree of responsibility for the performance and functionality of your computers. Many of our clients, might as well lock their front door and send staff home if their computers are down, as they are unable to do any work without the systems that we manage. We will work together with your software vendors to design a computer network that addresses budgetary, performance, security, reliability, and functionality interests of our clients. Following deployment, we will undertake the day-to-day monitoring, maintenance and technical support of the entire system. We will diagnose any arising issues and work directly with software and hardware vendors on your behalf, so that the customer is not put in the middle of a techy finger-pointing match.

For our clients that have in-house IT staff, we perform computer security penetration testing, 3rd party IT assessments, mock audits, and outsourced projects. Having an annual 3rd party assessment of your network is a smart way to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for with your current IT provider. And if they are doing a good job, we will clearly tell you!

We are thoroughly familiar with regulatory compliance and network security regulations as they pertain to HIPAA, ePHI, PII, PCI and other data-handling regulations. Our maintained client base is quite diverse, which keeps us sharp on both technological and regulatory mandates faced by our clients.

We have an excellent record of designing time-tested networks that strike the perfect balance of reliability, compliance, cost, and ease of maintenance.

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