April 21, 2024

Today’s date marks a milestone for me as it is exactly 30 years since I boarded a chaperoned 23-hour series of flights that brought me to the United States to join my father who’d come a year earlier. It’s been an incredible journey. I am grateful to this nation and those that came before us for having built what is truly, The Land Of Opportunity.

It was an incredibly tough road, especially for my father who’d come to the US alone, $50 in hand, practically without English, no relatives or friends, to start his life over at the age of 42. My journey wasn’t sweet either, but we both more than “made it”. And although I still sometimes feel like a fish in strange waters, I know throughout my being that no other place on Earth could’ve given me the opportunities that I grasped and harnessed here.

God bless these United States.

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